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Our Vibe


We are a business that supports women through face to face networking events, to build relationships in an inspiring environment where we can mix business with pleasure. We encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and join us and other like-minded ladies for intimate catchups over brunch, high tea or showcase menus with cocktails or tea where we can have meaningful conversations and empower each other to make positive changes. Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook for updates and event info.


Our tribe


Our tribe is a growing community of like-minded ladies who push you out of your comfort zone to have meaningful conversations with others who can support, motivate, encourage and empower each other to make positive changes. We aim to find ladies that you will actually like and admire, ladies who have a variety of specialties and talents and ladies that you will develop real relationships and friendships with that are mutually beneficial.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.


the boss lady


Originally from Glasgow Scotland Jada arrived in Australia at 7 years old with her Muma Gracie and older Sister Sacha. She has always shown signs of success, even from early on in life.

Jada started at McDonald’s where she realised that she enjoyed high pressure fast paced environments. She moved on to be a check out chick at Coles where she developed more customer engagement and focus, followed by moving on to a role at American Express dealing with high profile premium customers.

Boss Lady Events was always just a dream for Jada, while doing a full time job and studying part time she was always looking for side hustles, which led to the purchasing of numerous different small businesses. Jada built her first three successful Small businesses, and used strong exit strategies to sell them off when the time was right. A move to a different style of business led to a few mistakes , but she learnt from them quickly.

In 2013 Jada met her husband Steve and stepped in to revamp, rebrand and restructure his business Sesame Pizza which they both still run today. Jada has seen both highs and lows in her career running numerous small businesses since her start at age 19, and now at only 28 years old has built great knowledge and experience.

She is a passionate, ambitious individual who naturally leads and motivates others to be better. She will excite you and have you believing in yourself within minutes of meeting her.

Jada has just completed 8 years at University finalising her Masters in Business Management, along with plenty of front line experience. Her passion for helping others especially in their businesses shines through when she starts to talk about what she can do to help you without you even asking. Jada absolutely loves a good conversation, enjoys nice days out and to get dressed up for a special occasion all while being surrounded by the people she is motivated by most and this is where Boss Lady Events started.




Social Networking Events for ladies in business at different locations in Sydney. It’s a great opportunity to have interesting conversations with a diverse mix of ladies who own a business currently or are looking for future business ideas. All events are fun and flirty with plenty of photo opportunities, guest speakers and a variety of prizes.


2019 dates & final details to be confirmed Intimate learning workshops to look at your business in more detail from a professional perspective. Each workshop focuses on different topics and there is one on one time to look at your business directly. Step by Step discussion on starting your own business, targeting the right audience, executing sales along with future goals and opportunities.

  1. Start Up Success : Basics in Business
  2. Show Case : Identifying your dream customer & selling to them
  3. Talent : Executing Goals & Opportunities

We recommend starting at workshop 1.


Initial Consultation Discussion of the business, access to the budget, finance and business plan along with long and short term goals.

One on One On going advice, support and coaching to assist the business to move in the right direction along with potential influential contacts, goal setting, to dos, social media assistance and regular check ins.


Business Showers

Hosting events for new businesses (think of a baby shower or bridal shower) to gather, friends, family, influencers and potential clients to hear about your new business and its product or service in the first stage of start-up.
This is an opportunity to create a positive first impression of your business and gain support for those around you. Many options available for all budgets.

Events for all occasions

If you have a special event coming up and need assistance in planning and executing we also offer this service. Email today info@bossladyevents.com.au to book a consultation.

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Boss Lady Events is always looking to collaborate with media outlets and other like-minded businesses that bring something new to the table. Our partners are important to us and we accomplish a lot together so if you are interested in becoming a partner, would like to become a sponsor or just want to say hi - please fill out the form below and one of our lovely ladies will get back to you.

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